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Ionic 6 Template Pack is an Ionic 6 Capacitor full app templates that allow you to use your app UI pages both Android/iOS,
Lots of different features of this app have been developed to make a smooth user experience for all users.

Prebuild apps are designed to save your time and money, with help of this app you can save 1000+ developments hours and money

Main Features

  • Built with Ionic & Angular
  • Over 250+ Elements and endless options to easily build creative layouts
  • 20+ pre-build app themes.. that save your time for design.
  • A highly advanced network of options for easy customizations without modifying the code
  • A clean, modern, multi-purpose design which can be adapted and used for any website design and layout
  • Dual, flexible sidebars throughout the theme
  • Includes the Font Awesome icon set, fully integrated
  • Customize page title bar for any page
  • Customize sidebars and sidebar positions for any page
  • Continued codebase improvements for performance enhancements and future maintenance
  • Save custom page layouts to reuse on other pages
  • Full-Color Customizations – change every element with ease including shortcodes
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