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Twillo Setup FOR SMS

To get started with the text you will first need to set up a free Twilio account and purchase a phone number.

To do this:

Twilio will not work on trial credits.. please add your own credits

1. Create a Twilio Account:

  • Go to Twilio’s website: http://www.twilio.com
  • Once there you will click on the +SIGN UP button found in the upper right-hand corner


Now that you have signed up for an account you will need to obtain a phone number to send messages from.

2. Buy a text Capable Phone Number:

  • Go to the Buy a Number page (Dashboard Console > Phone Numbers > Buy a Number)
  • From this page you will see search filters, it is important that you check the SMS check box to ensure that you only see numbers that are SMS capable.

  • Click Search
  • Once you find a number you like click Buy

Now that you have an SMS phone number, we recommend that you create a Messaging Service as it is easy to do and much easier to manage.

3. Enter your Twilio Authentication Details In Your EDM Account
  • In Twilio go to your Dashboard
  • Copy your Account SID  and Auth Token

  • Now Open admin panel add keys to App settings

You will now receive your Request URL which will need to be added to Twilio.

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